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for Tobio Kageyama King
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Canon Name: Tobio Kageyama
Work Name: King
Canon: Haikyuu!!

Age/Sex/Gender: 15/m/m
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 146 lbs


Platonic Physical Contact: OK!
Romantic/Sexual Physical Contact: OK!
Violent Physical Contact: OK! (very OK because who wouldn't want to hit this guy)
Mindreading: OK!
IC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: Kageyama does not like physical contact unless he initiates it. That's what makes it so funny.
OOC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: N/A
Other Notes: N/A
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Name: Frika
Contact: [ profile] freakanature06
Are you over 17?: Yep! I'm 25.
Characters in Forest Covered: N/A


Name/Work Name: Tobio Kageyama/King
Canon: Haikyuu!!
Canon Point: After the practice match with Aobajousai - just as he's starting to become more of a team player.
Age: 15
History: Tobio Kageyama on the wikia
The most notable part about Kageyama's personality is that he can come off as very full of himself. And, to be honest, most of the time he is very full of himself. He knows that he has a high range of skills and is the best at what he does, and he's not afraid to admit that. In fact, he desperately desires for others to admit that as well. At the same time, he has high demands for those around him and only wants to keep company with those that he deems 'worth' his time and effort. So basically, he wants people to be as good as he is.

This is the sort of attitude that led to his team abandoning him during his last tournament of middle school, and those events have left him permanently scarred. While his attitude is still quite haughty - and especially so now that he's found a team that accepts him for who he is - he has come to realize that he can't be the only person on the team and that he has to become a team player. Which is difficult. Still, this humble side of him makes its presence known on a regular basis in the form of apologies when he was the obvious fault of a problem (in volleyball mostly) and declarations that he does not want to take the place of the current setter unless he has properly earned it, no matter how much he wants to play in that position.

When it comes to volleyball (and anything else he particularly cares about), Kageyama is a very serious business sort of person. He doesn't like anyone who slacks off and he pushes himself to the limit most of the time. This is where his temper often comes into play - if someone is picking on him or doing something they shouldn't, he has a tendency to react one of two ways: firstly, by yelling and throwing a royal-sized tantrum; or secondly, by falling deadly silent. The latter is a much more intimidating thing to those around him, since he is very usually a loud sort of person anyway. In particular, these traits are most often directed at his classmates (specifically Hinata), as he does most often show a lot of respect to his seniors.

Kageyama is a real genius when it comes to his sport of choice and he is perfectly capable of hashing out and executing plays inside his own mind in the span of a few moments. He also has the precise, honed ability to change those plans at the last moment, as illustrated by his ability to change his mind in a split second from setting for Tanaka to setting for Hinata instead. Despite his obvious brains on the court, though, he is a very simple-minded person otherwise. In school, he does very poorly, and when trying to explain something or teach someone, he has a hard time getting his thoughts into words, so it comes out as weird sounds like "gwah" and "ooph".

Most of these little traits Kageyama is not even aware of himself. When pointed out to him, all he can do is seriously think about himself and realize that he doesn't ever remember doing anything like that. Nor does he think that his personality is anything too terrible and doesn't feel that he berates his teammates too much at all.

Lastly, Kageyama is a very blunt, honest person. If he thinks something about someone, he is going to come right out and say it without any sugar-coating. On top of that, he is extremely stubborn and refuses to believe that honesty can be considered something 'bad' in any way. The bonus to this is that you always know where you stand with Kageyama, because he is definitely going to tell you.
Debt: Kageyama wants nothing more than to become a member of his team, deserving of his spot. He's always thought so highly of himself, but now he wants others to think highly of him instead and he wants to be able to help his team and bring them to the championship.
Suitability: This is the sort of thing that will piss Kageyama off. He does not like other people having control over him and the fact that he wouldn't be able to break free of this servitude would drive him up a wall. You can bet your bottom he'll be fighting it tooth and nail.

Inventory: He would have just had the volleyball gear he had on at the end of the match. Nothing of too much import, in other words.

Abilities, Strengths, and Weaknesses: Kageyama has a very long list of strengths. He is extremely perceptive and has a good deal of well-honed athletic ability. Not to mention that (on a volleyball court) he is a whiz at the geometry of his sport. His sharp mind allows him to keep track of and predict the movements of both his enemies and his allies. He is strong in all aspects of volleyball - jumping, spiking, setting, serving, receiving - and all of this because he continually works on improving his abilities in the sport.

That's about as far as his strengths go, though. He has almost no strength for lifting and little endurance for running or biking or pretty much anything long distance. On top of that, he is not very book smart, mostly because he deems it an unworthy pursuit. His grades in school reflect this as well. His personality also leaves something to be desired, as he is haughty and quick to temper tantrums when things don't exactly how he wants them to go. This makes him difficult to get along with, though it does play into his loner-like nature completely.


Characterization Sample: Link to a meme where I threaded with a Hinata.


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